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Finally a course to learn German by yourself. Really.

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Over 100 hours of study to get from scratch to advanced beginner level

Start talking right away with more than 70 interactive videos

Created by the company that has already taught more than 200 nurses German to work in Germany

What's in store for you?

In this new self-paced online course for beginners, we have used our experience to create the perfect alternative to apps and intensive language courses.

Start talking right away

Interactive videos in which your teacher will be Lingu, the llama.

Study anytime, as much as you want

We provide all the materials and you can decide when and how much to study.

Learn more effectively

Use the app that comes with the Intuedo course to repeat and memorize vocabulary.

You are not alone

Use the community to engage with other students and with us.

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What our users say

Let yourself be convinced by what the first
users who have tried our self-study course. 

"All the new vocabulary associated with a meaningful sentence helps memorize the word, the conversations between the two characters are helping me start pronouncing the words the right way (Spanier --> Schpania)"
Milan (Italy), now in Frankfurt (Germany)
"I've also tried a teacher through Skype, I've tried an app downloaded from the PlayStore, but I've never found anything that intuitive."
Locri (Italy)
"German grammar seems like unattainable, the way you have set it up it seems approachable, it doesn't put a barrier between me and my desire to learn. I like the explanations because they are simple and easy and fun."
Rimini (Italy)
"Understanding of the characters' dialogue and questions posed by Lingu and the answers begin to come more intuitively and immediately :-)"

Who are we?

We have placed Italian* nurses in German hospitals for more than five years. What’s special about this? Our candidates take an intensive German course developed by us up to the B2 level, which they complete online. Now we want to make our language course accessible to everyone, because we firmly believe language shouldn’t be an obstacle between you and your dreams.

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